We transform food waste into valuable resources

40% of the food supply in the U.S. is wasted

All of that waste is being transported, burned, and buried at huge expense, resulting in a carbon footprint greater than that of the entire global airline industry.

We're here to change that.

Food cycle image

Food goes in,
energy comes out

Chomp turns would-be food waste into renewable energy using a biological process that doesn’t involve landfills or incineration.

Inedible food goes into a self-contained vessel. Energy and biofertilizer come out—and nothing gets wasted in the process. It's a living system that’s inspired by and supports nature!

Keep what
you generate

Chomp’s on-site solution empowers you to capitalize on the full value of your food waste.

We’ve miniaturized large-scale anaerobic digestion technology to design a decentralized system that’s purpose-built for campuses, food processing facilities, supermarkets, utilities, and residential communities.

Chomp is different

Conventional methods of organic material disposal aren’t always good for our communities or the planet. Ours is.

Landfill disposal

Trucking adds to cost, traffic, and carbon footprint
No value created, emits greenhouse gases
Can contribute to hazardous waste and water quality issues

Commercial composting or pre-treatment

Emissions from transport and waste decomposition
Recovered resources not available to you
May require large amounts of water, energy
Zero off-site transportation of waste, carbon negative
Creates renewable energy for use onsite
Promotes circular economy and water conservation

Bringing balance back to earth

We’re revolutionizing the way the world sees food waste, from major polluter to earth-friendly energy source.