Chomp’s anaerobic digester product line

Designed for on-site use, Chomp's anaerobic digesters eliminate waste hauling fees and enable customers to use the renewable energy generated from their organic waste.


Waste recovery: 185-4,500 tons/year

Our Core system is an ideal solution for food manufacturers, utilities, and larger scale organizations that want to reduce emissions while generating a return on investment.

Starting at $600,000 (before tax incentives).


Waste recovery: 25-175 tons/year

Our Mini system is the best fit for communities, campuses, or small businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Starting at $209,000 (before tax incentives).

What’s included?

Our base digesters are fully integrated and packaged digester systems, housed in containers, and include: waste storage and dosing tanks, biogas to energy equipment, process controls and monitoring, and odor control. Some site work may be required. Operational support is available at additional cost.

How much energy could your organic waste generate?

500 tons/year
1577 MMBTU/year*

How can it be used?

Direct Use

Utilize biogas directly or after upgrading as renewable natural gas for cooking, heating, or other thermal applications.

Electricity and Heat

Use biogas in combined heat and power (CHP) systems to efficiently produce both electricity and heat.


Convert biogas into electricity through electrical generators.

Vehicle Fuel

Upgrade biogas and use it as a renewable transportation fuel in vehicles that run on CNG.

*Nominal rate assuming typical food waste inputs. Peak output can be 1.7X higher. Actual outputs may vary based on feedstock.

Inside our Mini anaerobic digester

Grinding station

Your organic waste is deposited into the digester here, initiating the digestion process. Waste is emulsified into a thick, smooth liquid.

Dosing tank

Every two hours another helping of waste is automatically metered—no human intervention necessary—ensuring a sustained, efficient process.


Within the digester, thousands of microbes chomp away at the organic waste, continually creating valuable biogas and biofertilizer.

The biogas is harnessed as an energy source and the biofertilizer can be used to provide plants the nutrients they need to thrive. It's the magic of nature and technology combined!

Why Chomp?

Chomp’s experienced group of engineers and manufacturing specialists are the heart of our organization, blending decades of expertise, a flair for innovation, and a rich portfolio of patents in the field of anaerobic digestion. Choose Chomp, and you're choosing the industry's best.