Chomp accepts the full diet of food waste

From table scraps—including meat, grease, oil, & dairy—to food processing byproducts, we can save it from being sent away to rot and release hazardous methane emissions.


The magic inside is biomimicry

Similar to a cow’s digestive process, the system uses a series of “stomachs” and naturally occurring microbes to automatically break down organic matter. These microbes generate gases that are then captured and safely stored for energy use.


Earth-friendly energy, zero waste

  • Renewable natural gas which can be used onsite for electricity, facility heat and water, cooking, energy storage, and vehicle fuel & charging
  • Biofertilizer that can be used directly in the soil as a probiotic nutrient

How you help the planet

A world of good

Chomp is zero waste and carbon negative! Not only will you reduce methane emissions, but you’ll keep waste out of landfills, eliminate hauling, and help return carbon to the soil.

Community resilience

The collective impact is good for the whole world—but locals get a front row seat. You’ll prevent soil and water contamination, reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, and generate your own renewable energy that stays in the community.

Leadership in sustainability

Organizations that partner with us help trail-blaze new standards for environmental stewardship and sustainability. Our easy-to-implement systems make it possible for anyone to get involved and contribute to a sustainable future.

What is anaerobic digestion?

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