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Impact Bioenergy is now Chomp: Turning Food Waste into Energy

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Back in 2013 we built Impact Bioenergy to create renewable energy and biofertilizer through the process of anaerobic digestion (AD). What began as a love for the pathway of AD evolved into a business to address food waste and its greenhouse gas emissions, rebranded today as Chomp.

Evolution is Only Natural

As some of you may know, we secured capital last year to build our team and expand our manufacturing capacity to grow our business and scale our positive impact. As part of our evolution, we are rebranding the company to Chomp. Like our digesters, our new company name is dynamic, surprisingly simple, and powerful. It's also got some personality.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new brand, Chomp.

Chomp, Turning Food Waste into Valuable Resources

Uneaten food goes into a self-contained vessel called an anaerobic digester. Fuel and biofertilizer come out—and nothing gets wasted in the process. At a local level, we help communities generate their own energy and be better environmental stewards. At a global level, we’re leading the way to a sustainable future. Chomp is bringing balance back to earth, powered by food.

As part of our rebrand we are committed to providing education, which is a critical part of climate action. Through our website and channels you can expect easy-to-understand content diving into climate change, anaerobic digestion and the problems we can solve within our food cycle.

Taking on Food Waste and Climate Change

Over 40% of the U.S. food supply is wasted each year, resulting in a carbon footprint greater than that of the global airline industry. We are here to turn that wasted food into fuel and to help our community see the potential in every organic scrap.

I have been working in food waste and anaerobic digestion for a long time, and am gratified to see the technology finally being adopted in this country but really, we are just getting started. Now, with the tailwinds of the Inflation Reduction Act and with your support, we’re in a position to lead the way to a more sustainable future. It’s a wonderful time to be working in anaerobic digestion, a technology that offers so many benefits with no downside.

Join our community and be part of the food cycle evolution!

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